We take closet and cabinet design seriously. Over 30 years designing and building custom closets and home organizers in Massachusetts - our staff is highly qualified and dedicated to building quality into every project.  We price our custom cabinets and closets fairly and work hard to make sure that our customers get no less than what is expected.

Speaking of experience - most of our staff have been with us for between 4 and 16 years.  
We constantly double check to ensure simple but sophisticated techniques are practiced with very few mistakes ever getting by the pre-fabrication phase.

Owners Jackie Cherenza and Steve Nickse make it a point to be readily available to discuss any questions or concerns you may have.  We strive to provide each client with a superior closet, cabinet, or organizing solution - and all at a great price. Our warranty covers all services provided.

Every Solution Worth the Money - or we won't do it.
We think carefully about every solution before we present it to you. Will it help a lot? Is it a  viable solution? Will the solution be worth it's cost - if not, we think again.  

People come to us for a wide variety of services, from re-building a small reach-in closet to a whole room full of sophisticated real wood cabinets. When you need storage ideas, you can count on us to present only the best home organizing solutions at the lowest possible price.

Members of our staff have different backgrounds ranging from kitchen design to graphic design. Working together we bring our areas of special expertise to bear on each project. No single person will be totally responsible for your satisfaction - we share responsibility and success.

Our materials are bought from local wholesale suppliers at the best possible negotiated prices allowing us to keep our selling prices down and quality high.

If you'd like a free estimate for a new closet, home office, or built-in wall unit call us.
Planning ahead before moving is recommended to prevent living out of boxes in the future.

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'When it comes to closets and cabinets -  people value value. Things don't have to be expensive, they just have to be worth it. We try to give more than you think for less than you thought.'
                                                                       Steve Nickse - Founder

Once upon a time I was young and shared a very small closet with my brother. We had to jam everything in. Apparently the village idiot designed closets in his spare time. Pulling out a sweater or Nehru shirt usually meant all the rest came out along with it. We endured this torture throughout most of our school years.

The only thing that saved us was my uncle Hugh - a very talented furniture maker. Stopping in at museums he would snap pictures of fine furniture and then proceed to turn out the near perfect copies in his garage workshop.

Later, when he was let out of the insane asylum uncle Hugh came to our rescue and built a simple cabinet with drawers to handle all our clothes. Actually, he did a lot more than just design and build a cabinet...he put me in control. That's when I learned that there's a lot of satisfaction in taking command of an out-of-control situation. 

By the spring of 1986 I was all grown up - and once again facing lousy closets. After spending hard-earned money to purchase a home I realized that the closets were inadequate. Someone with little imagination had stuck me with their idea of an 'OK' closet but I was not pleased.

Cheap contractors cut corners. I hate that. I found myself in the same boat with a lot of other home buyers - asked to settle for lousy closets.

By then I had become a professional carpenter, having devoted  many years to remodeling and building houses in Boulder, Colorado; Eugene, Oregon, and 3 cold years in Alaska. So, because I could, I designed and built myself a better closet - and thousands more have followed since 1987 when I set up a cabinet shop of my own.

Here's What I've Learned. Nearly any closet can be improved, it just takes determination. Somebody has to make the decision to make it happen.

I'll Put You in Control. One thing I love about this organizing business - igniting the thrill that people feel when their new cabinet or closet solution puts them where they belong, in control of disarray.

When you're ready we'll show you how it's done.

                                               -Steve Nickse 
Steve Nickse - Closet Master
Designing closets for 30 years

I Guarantee Your Satisfaction
Closet designer
Closet designerCloset designerCloset designer
Closet designer
I Am The #1 Alternative To Overpriced Cookie-Cutter Closets.

When you come to me you get something special. 

It will cost a bit more than the cheap stuff but believe me - it's worth it.

 On the other hand -  it will cost a whole lot less than the overpriced option that's out there.
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