'If anything is ever organized, it didn't happen accidentally - organization arises only from intent.'
                                             - Jacqueline 'Jackie' Cherenza 

The bedroom closet space shown can be done in many ways. We'll personalize yours by addressing your unique storage needs and selected finishes. You'll be pleased with the result - a new  opportunity to fit more in and keep your reach-in closet more organized with less effort. 
All you need is intent.

Drawers for your T's and socks. A basket for sweats. Shoe cubby's. Double closet rods. When it comes time for closet makeovers make sure you get the most out of it by using all the space in your planning phase .

Most people wear 20% of their clothes 100% of the time. You probably have fashions that you love but never actually wear - out of sight and out of mind - all too soon...out of style. Never let your clothes go out of fashion without wearing them - just because they got hidden in the back of an unorganized, space-wasting closet.

People with organized closets spend less time looking for buried items, retracing steps to find lost items, and re-buying things they already own but can't find.

'To me the closet makeover was a high priority even though I did have to work through a few guilty twinges.  I’m glad I took a stand on the issue. I had been thinking of re-doing the closet since we bought the place two years ago. When I finally brought it up my husband said he’d rather buy golf clubs than do the closets - if it was all right with me. It certainly wasn't. Waiting longer seemed unfair to me and besides, he hardly needs new clubs – the ones he has are fine. I decided to push for what I needed. It's the only way to get what I want.

What I’ve learned since doing the closet makeover (he gave in) is what I suspected all along; our closet had a lot of space, but most of it was wasted. Your designer was able to make that space work for me. My sweater piles were always tipping over but now that issue is solved. What I like the most is now there's a place for my shoes as I am a runner and keep a lot of pairs that were formerly always in a jumble. I also like the valet rod which I use every night to hang my outfit for the next day. I always hated getting up early and searching for things to wear so the valet rod is a big help.

And I have already told my girlfriend to call you as she was asking if anything could be done with her closet.  I told her ‘Yes, Closet Solutions can do it’ after now seeing how much better my own closet turned out.

 There's no risk in just finding out what could be done.

                                                                                    Carol Ann Reming   

The Bottom Line:

Great closet design requires a blending of mathematical and imaginative skills. There is usually more than one way to design a reach-in closet. A closet design professional will consider several options before settling on the solution that will satisfy all your specific needs. 

Accessibility will also be considered, so you'll definitely find things faster - wasting little or no precious time searching for something to wear.

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Our services include consultation at no charge. Designs for your reach-in closet or cabinet or specific project are also free.

When you make the decision to go forward, fabrication is done in our local cabinet shop. 

Installation is part of the package. 

You get everything at one place - for one all-inclusive price. And that price is one of the best you'll find.
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