We Need to Talk. 
Here's my Plan.

Meet once at your place.
We'll look at possibilities – styles, colors and materials.

Before we start designing we need two things: 
1 - closet inventory 
2 - dimensions of the closet or room.

We'll meet at your place for that or you can furnish the information.
If you don’t have ideas we’ll give them to you…and if you do, we’ll show you how to improve them.

​Next - we create plans for your review.

After that - you approve the plans with a down payment so your project can be added to the installers schedule.

Any special materials will be ordered very quickly.
Components will be fabricated in our Somerville cabinet shop.

Experienced installers will arrive at the appointed time. 

Everything will be left clean - ready to use...nicely finished.


                        'Tons of Clothes - Nothing to Wear'

If you're like me you've invested a lot of time and money into clothes. Even with tons of clothes it always seems like there's nothing to wear - maybe because it's too stuffed to find anything.

The Bottom Line
Request a consultation and a week from now (or sooner) you’ll know the possibilities.
There’s something for every budget, it costs nothing to find out. 

We're not pushy car salesmen.
In fact, we advise you not to rush in to anything - especially hurried solutions prepared right at your kitchen table.

We’ll walk you through -  step by step, in the end it will be done right. And we won't waste your time.

We measure closets precisely
We measure closets preciselyWe measure closets preciselyWe measure closets precisely
We measure closets precisely
The #1 Alternative To Overpriced Cookie-Cutter Closets
The Custom Closet Design Process


it's easy
Precise measurements are important!
For more good ideas per square inch call Closet Solutions today