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       A closet island helps use all the space                  

Waste no space. Large or small, every closet should be tailor-made, designed to waste no space.
You need shelves for shoes, and plenty of places to hang clothes, stack the sweaters, stash the handbags, and organize your jewelry.

Walk in to a closet that's both nice looking and highly functional...nothing less will do.

Keep Everything Within Reach. The closet designers goal is to combine shelves, poles, drawers, and baskets in a proper balance - to cleverly place your wardrobe at your fingertips.

Consider your space, your budget, and your wardrobe. Inventory dictates design.
Here's a goal. Design so you can keep the walk-in closet looking neat without constant care. When designed correctly you'll love the outcome - finding things fast in a neat closet.

The Worldwide Remedy for Clutter. Shove it in a closet and close the door.
Simple, fast and effective - for a while, until the door no longer closes, or you need to find something in there.

A closet makeover will change everything - less disarray. More hip-hip hooray.

                                       '...I couldn't even walk in my walk-in closet' 

'When my Honey started thinking about buying closet parts at the do-it-yourself store I said one thing...Uh, THINK AGAIN.' After all, he's no carpenter & doing things right is important to me.

I said 'someday we're going to sell this place and when we do we're going to want to show some real wow factor in the closets.'  He couldn't argue with that - but he tried.

At the time it was so bad that I couldn't even walk in my walk-in closet without tripping over things. I made up my mind and called your company to find out what a real closet designer would do in this situation.

What I learned is ... we could neaten things up by using the wasted space, and make a place to put my shoes on shelves instead of the floor. Along with extra poles it was all looking potentially good ...even to Honey Bunny.

So you know...we did it. We knew the cost was higher than 'do-it-yourself closets' but we figured that the increased re-sale value of our home was worth it.

Now that it's done I can say for sure we made the right decision - a remarkable transformation, we could never have done it this well.' I'm happy.                                  
                                                                                          - Jilly Johnson

The Bottom Line:
Good ideas when well executed will bring about your happy ever after. A walk-in closet that's designed for organization looks good and holds everything. It's easy to love. 

Engaging the services of a professional closet firm always yields better results than do-it-yourself efforts. 

Once you get your closet organized it's more likely to stay that way.

Call for a professional opinion. With their help it's easy to find out how much better your walk-in closet can be.

 Walk-in Closet Solutions 
Call and ask about how we work.

Decide what day and time is good for you to come into the showroom or for a designer to come to your house for a look. 

There is no charge for improvement ideas which will be prepared and presented to you at a later date - either at the Show Room or by email.

You'll get free professional closet plans and receive a price quote for the work being considered.

It's all very easy. There's no obligation.

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