Glitz Your Garage with Cabinets
Garages are generally unappealing - but yours can be better.
Do away with dirty stained floors and creepy-crawly bugs - your garage can be clean, organized, and easy to move around in. You just need cabinets and shelves and hooks and logical places to put your things away. An epoxy floor transforms the appearance.

In most cases it's not about going crazy with luxury garage cabinets - you just need to get things put away nicely and inexpensively. In either case we're ready to help.

From Wasteland to Wonderland.
Stained and cracked garage floors can be better than new with epoxy floor re-surfacing. Smooth, clean and sexy - your garage floor will look terrific. Be sure to ask.
With everything off the garage floor and on a shelf or behind a cabinet door your garage will be transformed from a wasteland to a wonderland.

Material Choices.
Garage cabinets can be constructed of melamine or aluminum or another choice.
Counters can be Formica, butcher block, aluminum, or stainless steel.
Slat wall, shelves, hooks, and other means are employed to get your garage stuff organized.

       Drawers and doors are nice                          Hooking up is the Secret to Happiness.

Space is provided to hang your brooms and snow shovels, hook your hoses and arrange things neatly. An organized garage will make your family proud to arrive home.

The Bottom Line:
The garage is a catch-all for everything from trash cans to extra paper goods.
Since many families use the garage instead of the front door when coming or going why not look for ways to improve the appearance and functionality of the garage.

Methods to accomplish this range from simple hooks to sophisticated high end cabinetry. Or a combination of both. Consider your budget and your goals. There's a solution to fit every budget.

Glitz your garage with cabinets and clever but simple garage organizers.
Our Services include:
  -on site observation
  -free design concepts
  -cost estimates
  -complete clean-up
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Simple or sophisticated - something for any budget.