Q: How is Closet Solutions price compared to the other closet company?
A: Lower prices because the other closet company spends a lot for advertising. We don't.
Closet Solutions depends primarily on word of mouth by satisfied customers.
When friends tell friends the savings are passed on to you. 

High Quality.  
Q: Are your materials really good?
A: YES really good. No melamine shelving is better than what we use - only high grade materials. Imagine closet rods strong enough to hold an elephant without breaking. Ha.

Free Designs. Rock Solid Prices.
Q: Will you come to my house for a free consultation?
A: Yes, in most cases. We usually provide you with an emailed solution, and a firm price for the proposed project.

Straight talk you can count on.
Q:  Free closet installation at Closet Solutions this month? 
A: No. There is no such thing as free installation. An offer like that is an advertising trick. Don’t be mislead by such promises. Installation is included in the price. No installers work for free. None. Would you?

In and Out in a Flash.
Q: How long does the installation take?
A: We pre-fab the parts in our shop - minimize the time spent in your home. A 6 foot closet system takes approximately 2 hours to install. Big projects might take 2 days. Lead time might be 1-3 weeks or more...depending.

Installation Day Preparations.
Q: How do I prepare for the arrival of the installation crew?
A: Bring out the donuts. Lock up the dog. Brew the coffee. Make some room for the men to work.

Experienced Beyond Belief.
Q: References available? 
A: Yes. Thousands of closets installed in the last 30 years. If you want references we will have plenty. You can refer to the Better Business Bureau website. We have had zero complaints filed with them since 1987.

Local Closet Company, Local Service Area.
Q: What areas do you service?
A: Family owned with one location. We service Boston metro and close outlying areas.

Repainting Your Closet.
Q: Will Closet Solutions repaint my closet walls after tearing out the old shelf and rod?
A: We don't paint. You'll obtain the best results by removing the existing shelves and repainting walls prior to our arrival. It's difficult to paint the walls after the complex closet system is installed.
If no one repaints in advance our installers will fill (once) any nail holes exposed by the removal of wall cleats or wire shelving. 

Flexible Payment Methods.
Q: Are credit cards acceptable?
A: We accept Visa, Master Card, Amex, checks and cash. Checks are preferred.

Choose Your Material.
Q: Do you make 'real wood' closets?
A: No. Some are MDF  'ready to paint' closet systems. Prefinished wood veneers, thermo-foil, and melamine are all available. Wood products are better than solid wood in many ways.

Plans Completed Even Before You're Ready.
Q: Can you design the closet before the walls are built?
A: Yes, pre-construction services enable you to plan well in advance of actual wall construction if you are remodeling or building new. We just need approximate dimensions and can adjust the plans later with actual verified site conditions.

Even More to Know About Closet Solutions

    * Established - The same owners since 1987.
    * Personal Service - You may deal directly with the owners.
    * Warranty - If something fails when it shouldn't - we fix it!
    * Design expertise - Over 30 continuous years of design/build experience.
    * Floor-based and wall supported systems – both strong and attractive.
    * Shelves and hanging rods adjustable, from bottom to top.
    * Full extension slides standard for all drawers and baskets.

                      'I thought I had made a mistake in hiring your company'

Ronnie Dearborn

'I hired your company to re-do my closet while I was away at the Cape for the summer. Imagine my surprise when upon returning I went to put my clothes away only to find that there was not enough space for my jackets. 

I thought I had made a mistake in hiring your company but your office manager said someone would come and look at the situation and not to worry. Well, I did worry a bit until Steve came and reminded me of where we had planned to put a few things. After some rearranging everything was fine and I'm totally enjoying my new found space.

I appreciate that I was not forgotten or ignored when I needed some help after the fact.
I’ll be reminding my sister to call you for closets when her new house is a little further along. 
Good luck.'
                                                                                          Ronnie Dearborn

Bostons #1 Alternative to Overpriced Cookie-Cutter Closets


   'Friends tell Friends'