Armoire - could this be the solution when your closets are too small?
Everyone knows how important it is to have spacious closets - but that's just not always the case. No worries, use an armoire to store things stylishly.

Search for armoires on the internet and you find lots of  'too small' armoires. They're not tall enough to take advantage of an average bedrooms ceiling height.  

Your armoire could be tall enough to include both high and low poles - allowing you to hang the most clothes in the least  amount of floor space.

...a very good solution when your closets are too small.

Armoires made in our
Somerville cabinet shop

Each armoire is made to order and delivered to your home where our (highly experienced) men install it for you.

Sizes aren't 'standard' - so you get what you want...

Within reason anything is possible. 

Traditional or modern.
A variety of door styles
Another problem with buying armoires sight unseen over the internet - quality issues. Some make a poor investment because they are too cheaply made and will not last. Others are too well made and cost a fortune - putting them out of your price range. 

 'Our armoires aren't priced too cold or too hot, they're priced just right'

Prices regular people can afford.  No worries that this furniture will fall apart. Not soon - not ever. Call today. Ask a question. Get an answer. 617.628.2410
Combine drawers, rods, shelves into a solution that works for you.

Do you want your armoire to be 'moveable' or built-in? If you're currently renting you'll consider planning to take it with you when you move. In that case it will be made in manageable sections - on moving day it can be picked up and taken out to the truck.

On the other hand, if you own your place you'll save some money by having the armoire built-in and plan on leaving it in place for the next owners.

Leave the hard work to us - we'll set it up for you. You don't have to struggle to figure out how to put it together. We do it for you.
The #1 Alternative To Overpriced Cookie-Cutter Closets


Custom Made, Delivered & Installed